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One of the first episodes I saw was 'Heads of Beef' I watched it with my sister (who is ten years older than me) and she refused to watch it ever again, but it was so freaky and unlike anything I'd ever seen, I couldn't wait to watch another episode!

Oh, Heads of Beef is one of my favorites! I actually first saw it when I was a small kid, and I don't remember being scared, per say. Just kind of confused. Then I saw it again years later and understood everything that was going on, so it became much more frightening and way more fun.

Nice list. A lot of those episodes were eerie as hell (good to know THAT scene from the Schwick episode was mentioned). I am surprised to see something top the King Ramses episode. 10-12 years later and I still can't really sit and watch that guy (though his theme song's catchy). Granted, I've never seen Perfect. But if it's scarier than King Ramses? Hnnngggg....

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Means a lot. I'll never forget THAT scene from Courage in the Big Stinkin' City - the first time I watched it I shrieked like a pansy. King Ramses used to scare the crap out of me too, but now I find him much more entertaining, especially when he whines, "Oh, come oooon."

And what makes the scene from Perfect so freaky is that it comes right the hell out of nowhere, and catches you by complete surprise. It's the king of jump scares.

Love it! Fantastically written and very enjoyable to read!

Thanks for the feedback. It means a lot to me. :)

King Ramses' Curse still gives me nightmares. Ick :c.

Return the slaaaaaab, or suffer my curse....

Sorry, couldn't resist the urge.

Ooh just going to quickly jump in here again. Heaps of people around the net (like sisi_killjoy here) always refer to how plain creepy King Ramses' Curse is. You've put "Perfect" at number 1, and I'll be honest, I've never seen Perfect before, but recently I watched that one clip, that one line "You're not Perfect..." and it chilled me to the bone. Hahahaha.

I don't know if you agree, but do you reckon less people watched the show in Series 4? Could that be the reason viewers often rank King Ramses' at number one?

I hope you weren't planning on sleeping for the next few days, lol.

Oh, definitely. In my opinion, seasons 3 and 4 were just not up to par with the first two, and they aren't as widely remembered. There are, however, some episodes from those seasons that really stand out, even for short moments like in Perfect. I also did a little digging around TVTropes to get other troper's feelings on certain episodes, and Perfect (also nicknamed the Dream-Fetus-Trumpet thing) seemed to strike a chord with a lot of people, aside from me.

King Ramses...was the first episode I saw, and in all honest IT SCARED THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!!! It still does, maby thats why Ive been watching courage evere since. Id need a life times worth of therapy, if I had to go through what he does...

King Ramses was actually the entire reason I started watching this show. I love being scared and laughing at the same time, so this show was a god-sent.

If you could help me remember this episode..

I'm looking for a specific episode, maybe someone can help me out.
Muriel, Eustice, and Courage are all at this place...like a music hall. There's a stage and tables and seats.
And there's a little man in the corner attatched to the walls of this place, like, its a part of him. He WAS the building. And I know he had like heartburn or something.
I just remember being really creeped out by it, hopefully someone can give me an episode name!

Re: If you could help me remember this episode..

I remember that episode very distinctly. It was called Cabaret Courage, where they went to "Hollowood" (lol, get it). And if I recall correctly, the man had become an ulcer in his own stomach due to his cynicism, and if he didn't like the performance, he'd try to digest you in his stomach acid. Courage returned him to his former self by showing him selflessness when he started to have a heart attack and gave him CPR.

...yeah, that was a weird episode. Glad I could help you out. :)

Try 'The Great Fusilli' in which a talking crocodile kills Muriel and Eustace and uses their bodies as puppets for a show... On top of all that, at the end, Courage takes their bodies and uses them to go on with his normal life...

Think about the episode "The Great Fusilli". Muriel and Eustace die and Courage is playing with their dead, puppetized bodies. Courage went insane and, the fact it is the Season One finale, it is just very very creepy to think about. I think that it should be number 1.

they were not scary, more disturbing. I didint like the "perfect" episode, it made me feel sad for courage...i actually cried for him :<. to this day i cannot watch "perfect" at all.

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I think the scariest episode is the banks one, were ustace gets his head and foot cut off

but don't you remember . . .

don't you remember the last episode of season one? Ustace and Muriel die and turn into puppet things, and courage spends the end of the episode making them talk and stuff. but that was the only episode where he failed. what if all the episodes after that was just courage making things up in his head because he went insane?

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